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Global wares and findings / Beach inspired home décor

Frog alley is all about the beauty of nature. These global designs are all one of a kind handcrafted beach inspired designs to adorn your body or home. Seed, shell and sand dollar jewellery, starfish breeze catcher wind chimes, unique shadow box picture framing and Chinese zodiac coin key chains are some of the treasures you will find at Frog Alley… souvenirs from the sea.
All Frog Alley home décor is created with the greatest effort to preserve our natural oceans. All starfish are grown on a starfish farm in the Philippines and are raised for export (not taken live from the ocean). All other sea life is washed upon beaches then collected. Not taken live from the ocean.
My passion for beach combing inspired me to begin creating products for Frog Alley. A few times a year I am lucky to travel to tropical destinations; Belize, Cuba, Florida, Hawaii, Mexico and Thailand. This is where I collect many of the pieces I create and sell. For myself, beach collecting is a type of meditation, it's relaxing and I think of nothing else. The thrill of the find is the best part, this I want to share with others. Often I see this very thrill or wonder for people of all ages entering my booth at the St. Albert Farmer's Market.
What has been really interesting for me is discovering how many people love to also beach comb and all of the wonderful holiday memories beaches and collecting bring out in everyone, they love to share their moments. I love it; this is truly what I was meant to do!
Frog Alley price range is from $12 to $160 Canadian. Keeping costs affordable is important to keep stock moving, and therefore more creating. I have been picture framing for more than 20 years and this beach venture has really come about in the past few years. Creating all Frog Alley products on my own gives me the ability to give each piece its own appeal and charm.
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